Iowa Employer Direct Care w. CMA in OSKALOOSA, Iowa

Summary/Objective: The DSP/CMA is responsible for direct support and supervision of individuals served in the ICF/ID, including implementation of individual program plans and teaching daily living skills. The DSP/CMA is also responsible for administration of all oral, rectal, and topical medications ordered by the physician. Essential Job Functions:Report issues of concern to the Supervisor or QIDP. Offer ideas and suggestions for resolution of concerns. Use appropriate methods and channels of communication.Provide input to the ICF/ID Director (Maquoketa) or QIDP (DeWitt) for the development of individual goals and objectives.Follow individual program plans and implement programs as written.Complete Range of Motion exercises as written.Use behavior strategies to support individuals with challenging behaviors. Implement behavior programs and follow as written.Encourage individuals to participate in ADL activities to their fullest extent possible. Make activities are meaningful to individuals served.Encourage individuals to participate in community activities to their fullest extent possible. Make activities fun and meaningful to individuals.Be an active advocate for individuals receiving services to have greater control over their lives. Encourage individual choice and decision-making.Follow active treatment schedules and use time effectively to meet the needs of individuals served.Apply rights restrictions only as determined necessary by the IDT and included in the individual plan of the person served.Direct Support responsibilities:Provide for the safety of the individuals served with the least amount of intrusion as possible.Complete required data collection accurately and promptly.Complete incident reports accurately and promptly.Take pride in the appearance and cleanliness of individuals served.Complete duties and tasks as assigned per shift.Respect the property of individuals served (e.g., care of clothing, wheelchairs, personal items).Promote a family atmosphere at mealtime by appropriate conversation, family style service, etc.Work shifts as scheduled.Find a replacement if unable to work a scheduled shift.Follow the call-in procedure.Work weekends and holidays as scheduled.Safe cooking/handling responsibilities:Assist in food preparation, following approved menus, physicians' orders, and health and safety policies.Ensure proper food storage and handling procedures are followed.Ensure all dishes are cleaned, sterilized, and stored properly.Other job duties as assigned (including: personal cares, bathing, personal hygiene, checking vital signs, and maintain a safe environment). Imagine Team Expectations:Willingly assume additional responsibility to support team efforts.Maintain confidentiality. Promote the dignity of others by protecting individuals served, co-workers, and agency privacy.Contribute appropriately to the changing conditions of the agency and individuals served and react to change productively.Use professional ethics in carrying out job duties.Communicate with all individuals in an honest and open manner, unless to do so would contraindicate an individual treatment plan.Ensure health, safety, and welfare of individuals served.Treat individuals served, coworkers, supervisors, and other associates with care, courtesy, and respect.Look for and suggest ways to continually improve our services.Maintain a professional appearance and comply with dress code.Report to work on time and as scheduled. Regular and predictable attendance is an essential element of this position. Patterns of absences or tardiness are not acceptable.Serve as a positive role model.Portray a positive image of Imagine the Possibilities, Inc. when representing the agency.Build a sense of unity and purpose among coworkers, supervisors, and individuals served by working as a team member.Ensure all Imagine the Possibilities, Inc. policies and procedures are followed, including the Compliance and Integrity Program and Safety.Physical Demands: The