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JBS USA NURSE - LPN/LVN/ EMT in Marshalltown, Iowa

Job Interest Sheet

Division/Department: Pork

Location: Marshallt own

Job title: LPN/ EMT

Reports t o: Occupational Health Manager Jill Smith

Nonexempt Hourly Rate:

Type of position: Full-time


2 nd Shift

Hours: 2pm to 10pm

Non-e xempt

General Description:

Respond to the scene of medical emergencies occurring on company property and administer first aid and/or medical assistance. Advise injured and ill personnel concerning additional medical treatment; able to dispense non-prescription medication. Safely dispose hazardous materials, such as bandages, needles, etc. Maintain an adequate inventory of appropriate medical supplies and take action to obtain new or replace old medical emergency equipment. Perform audiometric testing, establish baseline data and perform annual follow-up testing. Assist with the hearing conservation program; ensure that protective equipment is appropriate and properly used. Prepare accident reports in coordination with the supervisors and maintain records of all personnel treated. Maintain OSHA records concerning reportable illnesses and injuries. Perform pre-employment health and drug screen. Review physician reports on employee’s health, workers’ compensation insurance claims, medical restrictions on employee’s work and the policies and procedures of the medical department.

Required skills:

  • CPR and hearing conservation training preferred.

  • Be able to communicate verbally and in written form in English.

  • Work 40+ hours per week in all areas of the plant.

  • Bi-lingual speaking preferred.

  • Be able to react effectively in medical emergency situations.

  • Be able to work different hours and shifts as needed.

Education Requirements (if applicable)

  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • State issued EMT license or ability to easily obtain license.

Approved by : Vicky Cervantes

Title: Employment Manager

Posting Date: 0 7/07/2021 Closing Date: 07/17 /20 21

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