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less thanp>less than/p>less thandiv>POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLARRequisition # 3266Position Basicsless thanbr>less thanstrong>Advertising Ends on:less than/strong>less thanbr>Thursday, February 27th, 2020less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Advertising Started on:less than/strong>less thanbr>Thursday, February 13th, 2020less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>College:less than/strong>less thanbr>Carver College of Medicineless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Department:less than/strong>less thanbr>Internal Medicineless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanbr>Salaryless thanbr>less thanstrong>Salary:less than/strong>less thanbr>$52,704.00 to Commensurateless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanbr>Position Detailsless thanbr>less thanstrong>Full/Part Time Status:less than/strong>less thanbr>Full Timeless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Percent Time:less than/strong>less thanbr>100%less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Position Description:less than/strong>less thanp>A Postdoctoral Research Scholar position is available in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Divisions of Hematology/Oncology. Research is focused on delineating mechanisms of thrombosis associated with cardiovascular risk factors such as aging, obesity, diabetes and cancer. Laboratory uses molecular, cellular and physiological techniques, along with genetically modified mice and human subjects to investigate mechanisms of arterial and venous thrombosis. The lab has several mutant mice and experimental models to study arterial and venous thrombosis.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>Conduct research in field of thrombosis, in a collaborative environment. Responsible for experimental design, collection and analysis of research data, maintaining log book, preparation of manuscripts, presentations at scientific conferences and workshops etc. Duties will also include training other research fellows, graduate students and research assistants.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Education Requirement:less than/strong>less thanp>Candidates must have a PhD, MD and/or MD/PhD degree in a biological science.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Required Qualifications:less than/strong>less thanp>Good communication and writing skills are required.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>Experience in surgery, handling mice and managing colonies is required.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Desirable Qualifications:less than/strong>less thanp>Experience in either studying experimental models of thrombosis or inflammation, and skills in platelet/leukocyte/neutrophil handling and analysis is desirable.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>Experience in experimental models of ischemia reperfusion injury and/or experimental stroke is desirable.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>Technical skills such as RNA isolation, RT- PCR, PCR, Western blot, isolation and culture of endothelial cells is desirable.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanbr>Online Application Required Documentsless thanbr>less thanbr>Curriculum Vitaless thanbr>Name and Contact Information of Referencesless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Number of References:less than/strong> 3less thanbr>less thanp>less thanb>To start the Online Application process for this position, click the "Apply for This Position" button located below the Contact Information.less than/b>less than/p>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanbr>Contact Informationless thanbr>less thanstrong>Contact:less than/strong>less thanbr>Sanjana Dayal - sanjana-dayal@uiowa.eduless thanbr>Cmed-Internal Medicineless thanbr>Medical Laboratoriesless thanbr>25 South Grand Avenueless thanbr>3186/3160 MLless thanbr>Iowa City, IA 52242less thanbr>less thanstrong>Phone:less than/strong> 319-335-7712less thanbr>less than/div>less thandiv>less than/div>less thandiv>less than/div>less thanp>The University of Iowa is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will recei