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less thanp>less than/p>less thandiv>ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OR PROFESSORRequisition # 73758Position Basicsless thanbr>less thanstrong>Type of Positionless than/strong>less thanbr>TENURE-TRACKless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Advertising Ends on:less than/strong>less thanbr>Extended Until Position is Filledless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Advertising Started on:less than/strong>less thanbr>Friday, August 23rd, 2019less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>College:less than/strong>less thanbr>College of Pharmacyless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Department:less than/strong>less thanbr>Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeuticsless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanbr>Salaryless thanbr>less thanstrong>Salary:less than/strong>less thanbr>Commensurateless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanbr>Position Detailsless thanbr>less thanstrong>Full/Part Time Status:less than/strong>less thanbr>Full Timeless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Position Description:less than/strong>less thanp>The University of Iowa Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics in the College of Pharmacy and the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center (HCCC), an NCI designated comprehensive cancer center, invite applications for a tenure track Associate or Full Professor with research interests in Cancer Drug Discovery and Development, to join the Department and the Experimental Therapeutics Program of the HCCC. The selected candidate will receive a primary appointment in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics, with opportunities for secondary appointments in other departments and programs. Outstanding eligible candidates will have the opportunity to be appointed to the Jean M. Schmidt Chair in Drug Discovery for this position.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>less thanstrong>Position Expectationsless than/strong>less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>The University Of Iowa Department Of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics and the HCCC have a long track record of working together collaboratively. The candidate is expected to help expand on that history and contribute at all levels to the teaching programs based in the College of Pharmacy and HCCC, to mentor graduate students and post-doctoral scholars, to establish and maintain an externally funded, nationally-recognized research program, and to provide service to the department, college, cancer center, university and scientific community.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>Applicants should submit a cover letter describing their interests and unique accomplishments, their curriculum vitae, a concise description of their proposed research and teaching and a list of three references. This position will remain open until filled. Specific questions about this position should be directed to: less thanstrong>Professor Aliasger Salem or Dr. George Weiner, Co-chairs, Search Committee less than/strong>less thanstrong>aliasger-salem@uiowa.eduless than/strong>less thanstrong>; less than/strong>less thanstrong>george-weiner@uiowa.eduless than/strong>less thanstrong>).less than/strong>less than/p>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Education Requirement:less than/strong>less thanul>less thanbr>less thanli>Hold a doctoral degree (Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent) in a relevant field.less than/li>less thanbr>less than/ul>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Required Qualifications:less than/strong>less thanul>less thanbr>less thanli>Current funded research program related to the field of Cancer Drug Discovery and/or Development and/or have history of federal or foundation funding as principal investigatorless than/li>less thanbr>less thanli>Strong publication record.less than/li>less thanbr>less thanli>Evidence of teaching excellence and collaboration.less than/li>less thanbr>less thanli>Record of service responsibilities.less than/li>less thanbr>less than/ul>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanbr>Online Application Required Documentsless thanbr>less th