Work in Iowa Healthcare Jobs

Job Information

Nebraska Methodist Health System Registration Specialist I in Council Bluffs, Iowa

  • Purpose of Job

  • Registers and dismisses patients in a courteous and timely manner. Creates accurate patient records during the registration process through verification of patient demographics, financial, and visit information. Electronically verifies payer source/eligibility, patient financial responsibility, and performs point of service collections, as appropriate. Makes referrals to financial counselor, as appropriate. Ensures a high level of customer service according to established criteria in the Emergency department in the organization.

  • Job Requirements

  • Education

  • High School Diploma, General Educational Development (G.E.D.), or equivalent required.

  • * Experience*

  • Previous health care registration, customer service, insurance or billing experience required.

  • Medical terminology preferred.

  • * License/Certifications*

  • Requires the ability to provide transportation to other campus locations within a reasonable timeframe.

  • * Skills/Knowledge/Abilities*

  • Requires the knowledge of phone etiquette, and some medical terminology.

  • Strong computer skills required.

  • Ability to open and navigate Outlook, attachments in Word and Excel, and utilize a scanner and copier.

  • Requires the skills in basic mathematics to support collections of payments: including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

  • Requires the ability to work independently, and to collect data from patients that is required for entry into the system.

  • Requires the ability to multitask, with strong attention to details of registration process.

  • Requires the ability to relate to patients in a kind, courteous, and helpful manner.

  • Requires the ability to relate to fellow workers, in all departments of hospital, and deal with people in a crisis situation.

  • Ability to transport/escort patients, and guests/family members to appropriate locations via stairs, elevators, or ramps.

  • Ability to communicate with others through a glass barrier.

  • Physical Requirements

  • Weight Demands

  • Medium Work - Exerting up to 50 pounds of force.

  • * Physical Activity*

  • Not neccessary for the position (0%):

  • Climbing

  • Crawling

  • Kneeling

  • Occasionally Performed (1%-33%):

  • Balancing

  • Carrying

  • Crouching

  • Distinguish colors

  • Lifting

  • Standing

  • Stooping/bending

  • Twisting

  • Walking

  • Frequently Performed (34%-66%):

  • Fingering/Touching

  • Grasping

  • Keyboarding/typing

  • Pulling/Pushing

  • Reaching

  • Repetitive Motions

  • Sitting

  • Speaking/talking

  • Constantly Performed (67%-100%):

  • Hearing

  • Seeing/Visual

  • * Job Hazards*

  • Not Related:

  • Chemical agents (Toxic, Corrosive, Flammable, Latex)

  • Biological agents (primary air born and blood born viruses) (Jobs with Patient contact) (BBF)

  • Physical hazards (noise, temperature, lighting, wet floors, outdoors, sharps) (more than ordinary office environment)

  • Equipment/Machinery/Tools

  • Explosives (pressurized gas)

  • Electrical Shock/Static

  • Radiation Alpha, Beta and Gamma (particles such as X-ray, Cat Scan, Gamma Knife, etc)

  • Radiation Non-Ionizing (Ultraviolet, visible light, infrared and microwaves that causes injuries to tissue or thermal or photochemical means)

  • Mechanical moving parts/vibrations

  • Note: Safety Officer can assist with identification of job hazards.

  • Essential Job Functions

  • Essential Functions I


Accurately registers and dismisses patients in a courteous and timely manner. - Registers patients in the electronic registration system to MJE in a courteous and timely manner.

  • Reviews and explains all registration forms prior to obtaining signatures from the patient or patient representative.

  • Performs bedside visits, as needed to complete the registration process, and point of service collections.

  • Scans patient identification documents into the registration encounter.

  • Effectively communicates with anxious and agitated people in a calm manner.


Verifies and enters insurance/payer information. - Obtains complete and accurate payer information and scans identification and payer documents and enters the information into the electronic registration system.

  • Verifies eligibility of coverage according to department guidelines.

  • Completes Medicare Secondary Payer questionnaire and other payer specific documents (including ABN) as required.

  • Uses open ended interviewing techniques to obtain accurate insurance information from the patient.


Advises patients of their copayment requirement in a respectful and courteous manner. - Documents and secures all payments according to policy.

  • Accurately collects and posts payments according to policy as measured by observation, feedback, and monthly audits.

  • Accurately performs all reconciliation procedures pertaining to the collection of copayments.

  • Safeguards cash and receipts by following established department criteria.

  • Notifies supervisor of any discrepancies in a timely manner.

  • Refers patients to Patient Financial Counselors, as appropriate, and documents referrals.

  • Documents all attempts for collections, and reason collection attempt failed.


Consistently adheres to Safety and Infection Control guidelines, to assure a safe work environment, according to hospital policy. - Immediately reports any unsafe conditions or accidents.

  • Exercises discretion in identifying situations which may be inappropriate for interaction with patients.

  • Consults clinical staff as needed.


Completes tasks and work responsibilities associated with a shift, to maintain a productive department, as outlined in training plan. - Provides all necessary written or verbal communications regarding tasks, incomplete work, problems, and issues to the supervisor in a timely manner.


Displays adaptability to assure department staffing needs are met. - Works additional shifts and accepts additional tasks, projects, and assignments dictated by volume, absences, or administrative direction.

  • Respectful toward peers and management time by returning scheduling calls/texts.


Maintains teamwork spirit, positive mentoring. - Willingly assists with training and/or cross training of new employees.

  • Positively and actively assists with the implementation of new procedures, schedules, and job tasks necessary to ensure success and advocation of same.

  • Contributes to department training and orientation.

  • Assists co-workers as needed.

  • Escalates ideas instead of complaints.


Performs periodic, situational, and other duties as required. - Operates and assists in the maintenance of all office equipment, to assure efficient performance, as outlined in the training program.

  • * Essential Functions II*


Participates in mandatory in-services and/or CE programs as mandated by policies and procedures/external agencies and as directed by management. -

Follows and understands the mission, vision, core values, Employee Standards of Compassionate Care/AIDET and company policies/procedures. -

Other duties as assigned.